Easy Origami: Bookmark of Heart

Valentine's Day is creeping up on us!

Today I used up my last scrapbook paper and made a couple of these heart bookmarks. I followed the instructions from here. There is even an animated version of the how-to - for people who follow directions better visually...like myself.

I had to rewind several times, though.

One for the hubs and one for me. I already replaced the piece of paper he uses as "bookmark" with this handsome handcrafted one. I hope he likes his early V-day present. :)


  1. Oh how sweet! And looks simple enough. I've had many store bought bookmarks over the years and to this day you know which one I always use? This paper Pooh Bear book mark I printed, cut and glued together when I was 14 years old.

  2. Thanks Tong, I like my new bookie mark. So nice and friendly looking, makes for a nice change from the dark worlds that I normally delve into. Whenever I close the pages, this little bookmark makes me smile again. yup!


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