Cheap Breakfast Burritos

You can stuff your breakfast burritos with anything you like. Mine consisted of scrambled eggs, ground sausages (Jimmy Dean brand), my ultimate home fries, and Velveeta cheese (just for the hubs).

With little prepping and cooking time, we had the most delicious burritos to start the weekend!

And just a side note: McDonald's new Dollar Menu at breakfast sells breakfast burritos for a dollar. I did a rough calculation and my burritos (bigger than McD's, btw) are less than $0.50 a piece.


  1. Meat + Cheese = Fat PapaFebruary 8, 2010 at 6:24 AM

    I overdid it again, Tong gave me two but I had to go back for a third. Not only that, I stuffed the hell out of it, so much so that I could barely wrap the thing up. But this beat any breakfast burrito I have ever had before, which may only be McDonald ones, but still, good stuff!


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