txt u l8tr

Ever since hubs added text messaging to our cell phone plan, I have joined the rest of the world and started texting. But, I am slow at it using my orange Pebl.

Over the holidays, Santa brought me a new-to-me phone with a full keyboard. Now I can send texts at rapid speed. Annnnd, when data service kicks in later this month, I will be able to browse, twitter, IM, or email wherever I am.

We may be 4 days into 2010, but I've finally caught up to 2003!


  1. Hey you sure beat me! Nice phone! And it's funny. Today I posted about mess text message senders and how much I hate them :)

  2. Thank you to Craigslist! This puppy was a steal at only $45. Add another $5 for the red shell swap out and it's still a helluva deal. Sure, it's 2 years old but I'm actually getting jealous of her new phone. Maybe I should dig around for another one for myself, getting tired of my 3 yr old HTC.

  3. I'm going to stay in 2002. I'd be on-line 24/7 if my cellphone had internet. :)


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