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Two weeks ago, with my mom's credit card information in hand and the exact make/model in mind, I finally placed an order online for Graco Stylus Travel System (basically a car seat and stroller combo).

I did the usual comparison shopping and found the cheapest. I read a mix of reviews on their services and products, but when the final price tag was $20 lower than all other places, I took a leap of faith and hoped for the best.

The travel system was scheduled to be shipped between 1/4 to 1/7, with delivery date of 1/14. On 1/7, I received an email saying that the warehouse was experiencing delays and the shipping date was pushed back to 1/11. A bit annoyed, but I dealt with it. 1/11 came and gone and I didn't receive an email with the tracking information as they promised so I called customer service the morning of 1/12. Long story short, after telling me that the order was expected to ship "soon", she later emailed me indicated the order was cancelled because the item had been discontinued.

What a pain in the butt. I had a minor breakdown.

And I permanently added to my Black List.

When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, I immediately went to (the runner-up when I did comparison shopping) and was delighted to see that the travel system has been marked down and with a 10% off coupon code, it is exactly what was selling for. Plus, I saved another 10% on the purchase thanks to Bing.

In the end, it all worked out and guess what, I will get the travel system TODAY ( has next day delivery if order is placed before 6pm)!

Now I just hope Baby A likes her ride!

Quickie Update: (1/14) The travel system was delivered yesterday and by the time I got home, hubs already had it all set up for me to play. My impression so far - very easy to use, great quality, and the pattern is nice. The only thing I need to get use to is how heavy the stroller is! I've heard that they all are, though.

* I used and made sure car seat would fit in my car.


  1. Sorry you had a breakdown, I will add them to my black list too...not that I need to buy baby stuff, but maybe some day:)

  2. Instructions? No Way!January 13, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    Wow, is pretty damn impressive. And I thought Newegg and Amazon kicked ass. The UPS guy literally just delivered the stroller. Less than 24hrs after the order was placed, the big heavy box is here. Time to star the setup!

  3. Lock ALL Wheels First, then FOLDJanuary 13, 2010 at 3:45 PM

    Okay, so the stroller and carrier are all setup and ready to roll, just need a car to stick them in. It was fun putting the thing together but then I got stuck with the final part, how to fold the thing back down. Why is this stuff so complicated??

  4. PS. Car seat is installed and inspected!


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