Making Baby A, Week 33: Packing for the Hospital

I had my 33-week prenatal appointment the other day and it went really well. Baby A's head is already where it is supposed to be and her heartbeat is at a healthy 150 bpm. Time is zooming by now - 7 more weeks go to!

But as the doctor reminded me, it could be sooner, too.


Also on that day, we received a bunch of goodies in the mail (thanks to hub's sister and mom!). Among all things, I am most excited about the diaper bag! It's cute and roomy and will be one of the bags we take to the hospital.

And now since we are on the topic of bags and since I have a tendency to do things way in advance, I've already started packing! :)

Here is my master list. I know it's a bit long, but better be safe than sorry!

face wash/lotion/soap/shampoo/conditioner
lip balm
hair ties/clips
hair brush

pajamas x2
sweater (hospital rooms can be chilly)
nursing bras and pads
loose going home outfit
clothes for labor coach (aka hubby)
flip flops
sanitary pads

cell phone and charger

snacks/hard candies
driver's license
insurance card
hospital paperwork
pediatrician number

infant car seat
going home outfit
receiving blanket

Too much? Am I missing anything?


  1. Good gravy, woman! How long are you staying at the hospital? I like how you included your laptop though. I'd probably do the same. Gotta check those e-mails!

  2. You are definitely prepared!
    The only thing I would add to that is a few extra sleepers (pajamas) for the baby and onesies. Those things have a tendency to get dirty fast. Especially if you happen to stay at the hospital for more than a day.

    How exciting!! You're getting so close now.

  3. @ Heidi: Thanks! I wasn't sure if the baby would just be wrapped in a blanket or actually be wearing clothes in the hospital. Since they are so tiny, I will make sure to pack a couple of onesies.

  4. noticably missing is my PS3. i wonder how you could've forgotten something so critical to my health and well-being? i swear, we papas always get forgotten. sure, the mama and the baby deserves the spotlight, but we shouldn't be cast out into the cold lonely streets!!


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