Making Baby A, Week 32: The (Inconvenient) Bump

I’m not a very big person. I don’t take up much room.

So moments like squeezing between a wall and a chair, or walking between parked cars, or through a semi-closed doorway – doesn't usually require second thoughts.

Until now.

With an expanding belly, I have to be mindful of the increasing area of my “personal space”.

I find myself bumping into walls, tables, and chairs.

So I make a conscious effort to park the car as far as I can (without going over the yellow line) to give myself plenty of room to get out. I remember not to push my chair too far in to give my belly some breathing room. I know not to try to squeeze between closing elevator doors for the sake of safety.

There are also other inconveniences. I have trouble putting on pants while standing up. I need to sit down while putting on shoes and pull myself back up with the help of stair railing. Instead of getting up like a normal person, I roll out of bed.

I feel so BIG and HEAVY and it's just going to get BIGGER and HEAVIER.

I am not tired of being pregnant - not yet anyway - but I cannot wait to move freely again.


  1. I can see from the picture why you are a little inconvenienced!

    The crib looks really nice too!

  2. Yes, you're not the only one who is ready for the bump to shrink. Whoever thought a queen sized bed could feel so small...

  3. I remember those days...

    You look great by the way!!


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