Making Baby A, Week 30: Now It Hurts

I officially entered the THIRD trimester 3 weeks ago. The home stretch, the last lap, the final sprint, the beginning of the end. Oh my, where did the time go?

In the last week or so, I have been experiencing back and rib cage pains. To sooth the discomfort, I sit with my left arm behind my back and right arm above my head. I may look strange, but it helps 100%.

Also simple tasks such as clipping toe nails, putting on socks, and bending down to pick up Pargo and Pesto's water bowls have become somewhat physically demanding and challenging.

But to end the post on a high note, I consider myself lucky thus far. Haven't gained all that much visible weight except in belly, no water retention, cankles, or stretch marks to speak of.

Or do they just come later?


  1. I think this is when I'm supposed to freak out, wonder how I got here, and figure out how to get out of this situation. Am I ready? Are we ready? Who knows...Baby A will be the first to find out.

  2. You look fantastic! What a cute belly pic! Yay!! Almost time for Baby A!

  3. I hope you don't get too uncomfortable. Almost there... Sounds like Hubby is getting more panicked than you are!

  4. You are looking fantastic!! Home stretch for sure!

  5. You better hope that stuff doesn't make an appearance at all! Cute pic!


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