Free Art Prints

We don't have enough space (actually, we do have a spare bedroom, but that is our perpetual storage area) in our little condo for a nursery, so Baby A is going to be sharing a room with her old Mama and Papa (along with Pargo and Pesto) for a while.

(Nurseries are more for the parents' anyway, right?)

However, if we were to have a nursery, I would print + frame + decorate with these free art printable found on Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project.

I especially like these two below.

{link 1 and 2}


  1. Those are really nice! Perhaps you will frame them and find a place for them anyway.

  2. Aww I really like the blue one. Great find! And I agree with Intense Guy, maybe you can frame them and put them up somewhere or ooh! Laminate and use them as little place mats for Baby A's feeding time.


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