DIY: Hub's Birthday Card

Inspired by Blatantly copied from How About Orange's latest ingenious creation, I made this card for hub's upcoming birthday. Click here to get a rough guide on how to make the card.

And here are my notes:

I didn't have many colored papers (in fact, these papers are leftovers from a card hubs made for ME almost SEVEN years ago), so instead of colorful flag banners, I used two very basic colors.

I also didn't have any thick strings so I used sewing threads! It was hard to work with, but I think I successfully did it.

To avoid being a total copycat, I put a little "Handmade with Love" message in the back. I ran the cardstock through the printer twice. It took several tries to get the text placement just right. I used a plain sheet of paper as my tester. Also, to properly center the text on each panel, I used the "columns" feature in Word.

This was a fun project. I started it while cooking and finished it after dinner. The $3 saved will go toward hub's birthday cake!


  1. Happy Burfday To ME! Danku Mama!

  2. I think it looks pretty and simple! I'm going to try this one out you're not the only copycat around here :)

  3. @ Intense Guy: You are not late, I am just early. :) Hub's bday isn't until tomorrow...


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