Baby Purchases, Round II

For me, prepping for a wedding and a baby is very similar - it's all about getting the job done without wiping out our bank account.

I am happy to say that I am doing well, with the help of my thrifty ways and the generosity of family and coworkers.


Before the holidays, between my mom and me, we received $30 worth of free money to spend at Kohl's. We stretched the money by buying things that were marked at least 50% off or more. In the end, we walked out with receiving blankets, burp cloths, wash cloths, and 2 Sleep 'n Play - all FREE.

In one of the brochures I received from my OB, I saw a voucher for a $10 GC to Babies R Us if you create a registry there. I went to Customer Service, ready to create a registry and get my $10 GC when the lady just gave me the GC without me having to create one! I ended up paying $3 for a baby thermometer.

Then I found a $10 coupon (off any purchase) to JCPenny at work break room one day and bought a hooded towel with that. Final cost: $0.

Right after Christmas, Lord & Taylor was giving out $10 GCs to the first 300 customers. Even though the store didn't open till 10am, I was surprised to see that not many people showed up to take advantage of it! I went around 4 times and got $40 to spend. :) Everyone else was doing it, too, I swear. Got more baby clothes - they are probably my most favorites.

Then over the New Year weekend, I made a big progress on the big-ticket items. My mom bought Baby A a travel system (basically a car seat and stroller set). (Hopefully my SOON-to-be SIL ;)) Yi-Hsin bought her a crib. Using the GC from my coworkers, I got a Pack 'n Play. A big THANK YOU to everyone. I may do a more detailed post on these items once they've all arrived and put together.

On top of all these, I also purchased a BabyBjorn Baby Carrier, more diapers, wipes, and Dreft laundry detergent (expensive, I may use All Free Clear in the future).


I must admit, though, that there is one huge difference between prepping for a wedding and a baby. For example, not having a videographer at our wedding saved money, but it also didn't have any detrimental effects on anyone. It was easy to cut corners. On the other hand, I don't want to be cheap and not buy Baby A the proper "stuff" and therefore cause a delay in her development - physically and mentally.

In short, there is still a long research and shopping ahead of me so be on a look out for Baby Purchase, Round III in the near future!

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