dec. daily {no.16}: thankful

Wow, am feeling mega-loved today. My coworkers surprised me with a gift card to Babies R Us at our holiday luncheon. It was completely unexpected and I was blown away by their generosity.

The best part? Since this was our holiday luncheon (and not a baby shower of any sort), after a little speech, we moved quickly to the eating and mingling part and all eyes were off me!

I am so thankful for their thoughtfulness! Let the real baby preparation commence!


  1. Wow, my coworkers suck. Then again, I am an ass so maybe that may explain it?

  2. That was really nice of them! I bet they just think how nice it is to work with you and that made it even nicer.

  3. Oh how sweet! Now run off and go wild with that money!

    (But I bet you're going to be all money savvy and whatnot, aren't you?)


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