dec. daily {no.12}: give

Our extended families don't have the tradition of gift-giving so I don't have many people (read: 1 person and 2 dogs) to shop for, but I am still sticking to a savvy spending plan. Here's how:

-- clip coupons {from online and inserts}
-- read advertisements and compare and buy everything on sale
-- plan out route {to achieve minimal store-hopping, many stores price match or use competitors' coupons}
-- wrap in newspaper {reduce, reuse, recycle!}

Armed with a stack of coupons this morning, I did just that. It took me 3 hours, but I am almost to the finish line. Just a few more to go...


  1. Hmmm..I wonder if we should raise Baby A with the whole idea of Santa and crap. Or just say here, courtesy of Mom and Dad via Wal-Mart? =]


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