dec. daily {no.8}: here fishy fishy

Besides loving our dogs, hubs and I are also fish people. So when I spotted this "MiGi Splash" bedding set, I fell head over heels for it. It's simple, bright, and fresh-looking. I love it that it doesn't have any hint of pink, but still suitable for a baby girl. Bonus: it's got green!

Naturally, I researched the heck out of the set and even tried to find something I might like even more. But not a surprise, I always came back to this set. I ran it by hubs and he immediately gave a thumbs-up.

I wanted to wait until it goes on sale, but I found that Target already has a fairly reasonable price tag to begin with (I did a google search and the set ranges from $180 at Sears to $100 at Target) so with a coupon code (a mere $7 off, but hey) I found online, I went ahead and ordered it!

I am so excited!


  1. Nice! :) I'm sure Baby A will enjoy a lot of happy hours in this!

  2. Good god, you ordered this already? We don't even have a crib yet. Or even a house, or even a baby. Then again, I have been known to be a procrastinator...

  3. Very, very cute!

    I've just been catching up on your other posts. I love the Christmasy pictures you attached to your Dec wishes!

  4. Ooh I LOVE this one. And you just got bonus points from me from staying away from pink!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    PS. Ended up getting the bedding set from after finding out it is $12 cheaper. :)


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