Baby Purchases, Round I

While we haven't purchased any big ticket items for Baby A, we have been filling up our place with a couple of little things. I didn't intend to buy them this early on, but when I found them to the tune of practically zero dollars, I was all over it.

About two weeks ago, I was browsing online and came across this super-amazing deal. When it was all said and done, I paid a total of $.40 for a box of Pampers 216-count diapers, shipped (no, the dot before the 4 is not a typo). The deal is dead now and I don't think it will ever come back alive, but I think I was more excited about this than my $5 wedding dress!

A day later, I found another coupon code online for the same site and bought a couple of Born Free bottles (5oz and 9oz), nipples, and pacifiers. I read all the reviews and it seemed like mothers generally prefer Born Free than all other brands. I know babies all have preferences on what they like, I hope Baby A likes Born Free. I never knew bottles were so expensive, but I got everything for about $6.

I also stocked up on all the bath products Baby A will ever need for the first year of her life. It's funny, though. Hubs and I always go for the generic Equate brand for ourselves, but when it comes to Baby A, we are all about Johnson and Johnson and Baby Magic. Guess it's true what they say - you always want what's best for you kids. Although I am not sure if name-brand shampoo and body wash will make a big difference in the long run. However, when the total price was a mere fraction of what it would have cost originally, I snatched a bottle of everything. I got so many that I had to clear a shelve in our linen closet for all her things.

Of course, we didn't find the cheapest of everything. I splurged on a pack of aden+anais swaddling blankets. I have read so many good reviews that I knew I must have them. I got them just a few dollars cheaper than regularly priced on Amazon. I hope Baby A loves them and they will be multi-purpose like the website advertised.

Every time we go shopping now, we always stop by at the baby clearance section for cheap clothes. I think Baby A have enough clothes for the first couple of months - through September at least - so no more buying clothes, no matter how cute they are. The best bargain thus far? $.17 for a pair of socks at Old Navy. We got 5 for under a $1.

We got lucky and received My Brest Friend and a bath tub from an old friend of mine. Both in basically mint condition and the best part is not having to do any research on them. (Thanks Sophia!)

I know as far as baby purchases, we have only made a tiny dent. But I am also sticking to my guns and will only buy the necessities. This means, instead of buying a play gym for tummy time, I think a great substitute may be simply lay out a blanket (the aden+anais swaddling blanket?) and put out colorful, plush toys. Also, bouncers and swings, are they really necessary? What about bottle warmer, diaper pail, and wipe warmer?

For now, we still need to prepare for a lot of necessities, from tiny things like baby wipes and baby-friendly laundry detergent to bigger things like a travel system and crib. I am doing lots of research and looking out for deals.

I can't believe we are almost down to less than 3 months!


  1. You have to be the worlds best and finest bargain finder! I'm impressed... 216 diapers for 40 cents? Wow!

    :) You are so organized too! I hope Baby A inherits your shopping genes.

  2. All these tiny baby things are so adorable. Almost makes me want one. Almost.

    Great job on all these crazy deals. Not surprised though; you're awesome at that! When it's my turn I think I'm just going to send you 10 bucks and ask you to stock me up :)

    And less than three months?? Already?

  3. For the record, I still think all this stuff is overkill. If a momma squirrell can raise a baby out in the wild with just a hole in a tree, we should be able to do the same. Screw the doctors and diapers and bottles! It's all a scam! =]

  4. @ Dorkys: Almost less than 3 months. $10? The challenge is on, but I don't that I am that good. ;)


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