Up + Monsters, Inc = Happy Hubs

Here in our little household, one of us is a bit obsessed with Disney/Pixar movies...so when I saw this hot thread, I knew I had to get in on the deal.

I read every single word and all the different scenarios. My head was about to explode by the end (bargain hunting is hard work), but if you are interested in these blu-ray movies, this is exactly how I got them for a grand total of $7.43 at my local Target store (the plain and no fuss way):

Up $19.99 (on sale at Target) + Monsters, Inc $18.99 (price match from Best Buy - makes sure to bring the ad) - Target coupon $10 (link) - Up coupon $10 (link) - Monsters, Inc coupon $8 (join Disney Movie Rewards and use code 786936164886) - GC $5 (a gift card that we won from inside a cereal box) + tax = $7.43 (!!!!)

Christmas shopping for the hubs is half way done...:)


  1. Oh goodness. With a little extra effort, you would have got them to pay YOU to take the DVDs away.

    LOL! You are really a wizard with the bargains!

  2. Thanks Tong! Can't wait to watch all these again with Baby A!


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