Making Baby A, Week 22: She Kicks!

Every pregnancy is different, but most women say they could feel baby movements around 17 or 18 weeks.

When Week 17 came and gone with no movements, I shrugged it off.

Then Week 18 passed and I got a bit concerned. I couldn't help but wondered, "Hey, are you still in there? Are you still growing, Baby A?"

I received my anatomy scan at Week 19, it was a relieve to see Baby A alive and well. Still...I felt no kicking. None that I could feel anyway.

Few days later, I even called the doctor's office to check the results of my anatomy scan. I specifically asked about the placement of my placenta since if it happens to be in front of the baby, it would harder to feel any movements. The doctor just told me everything is normal.

Comforting to hear, but no help at all.

Then, around Week 21, just a week ago, I swear I started feeling something in my belly! A feeling of popping bubbles.

Since then, I have been feeling the bubbles more and more consistently.

And just yesterday, all of a sudden, at 22w5d, I felt a more distinct nudge. I placed my hands over my belly and, as if she wanted to make sure I am aware of her presence, she kicked again and, this time, I felt it from the outside!

It was incredible!

Last night at the dinner table, I felt her kicking again and I immediately placed hub's hand over my belly. Few seconds later, another strong kick! We both looked up and smiled so big at each other.

I think I am most excited that hubs can finally feel her too.

I love it that I can feel Baby A now. It makes everything a little bit more real.

Already, I am learning the daily patterns of the movement. It’s quiet during the day. But the moment I lie down to sleep, she throws a party and learns to dance in there.


  1. It was definitely neat to finally feel the little gal. I was starting to feel left out of the party. For once she didn't stop moving the moment my palm landed on the belly.

  2. :)

    What a blessed moment to cheerish.


  3. "She throws a party and learns to dance in there." Haha, get ready for some late night fiestas when she's finally out in the world. Congrats on the milestone :)


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