Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Purchases, Round I

While we haven't purchased any big ticket items for Baby A, we have been filling up our place with a couple of little things. I didn't intend to buy them this early on, but when I found them to the tune of practically zero dollars, I was all over it.

About two weeks ago, I was browsing online and came across this super-amazing deal. When it was all said and done, I paid a total of $.40 for a box of Pampers 216-count diapers, shipped (no, the dot before the 4 is not a typo). The deal is dead now and I don't think it will ever come back alive, but I think I was more excited about this than my $5 wedding dress!

A day later, I found another coupon code online for the same site and bought a couple of Born Free bottles (5oz and 9oz), nipples, and pacifiers. I read all the reviews and it seemed like mothers generally prefer Born Free than all other brands. I know babies all have preferences on what they like, I hope Baby A likes Born Free. I never knew bottles were so expensive, but I got everything for about $6.

I also stocked up on all the bath products Baby A will ever need for the first year of her life. It's funny, though. Hubs and I always go for the generic Equate brand for ourselves, but when it comes to Baby A, we are all about Johnson and Johnson and Baby Magic. Guess it's true what they say - you always want what's best for you kids. Although I am not sure if name-brand shampoo and body wash will make a big difference in the long run. However, when the total price was a mere fraction of what it would have cost originally, I snatched a bottle of everything. I got so many that I had to clear a shelve in our linen closet for all her things.

Of course, we didn't find the cheapest of everything. I splurged on a pack of aden+anais swaddling blankets. I have read so many good reviews that I knew I must have them. I got them just a few dollars cheaper than regularly priced on Amazon. I hope Baby A loves them and they will be multi-purpose like the website advertised.

Every time we go shopping now, we always stop by at the baby clearance section for cheap clothes. I think Baby A have enough clothes for the first couple of months - through September at least - so no more buying clothes, no matter how cute they are. The best bargain thus far? $.17 for a pair of socks at Old Navy. We got 5 for under a $1.

We got lucky and received My Brest Friend and a bath tub from an old friend of mine. Both in basically mint condition and the best part is not having to do any research on them. (Thanks Sophia!)

I know as far as baby purchases, we have only made a tiny dent. But I am also sticking to my guns and will only buy the necessities. This means, instead of buying a play gym for tummy time, I think a great substitute may be simply lay out a blanket (the aden+anais swaddling blanket?) and put out colorful, plush toys. Also, bouncers and swings, are they really necessary? What about bottle warmer, diaper pail, and wipe warmer?

For now, we still need to prepare for a lot of necessities, from tiny things like baby wipes and baby-friendly laundry detergent to bigger things like a travel system and crib. I am doing lots of research and looking out for deals.

I can't believe we are almost down to less than 3 months!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's that time of the year...

and that means our little tree is once again gracing our little living room.

And suddenly, this place of ours is feeling more homey, ready to greet the holidays.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Baby A, Week 22: She Kicks!

Every pregnancy is different, but most women say they could feel baby movements around 17 or 18 weeks.

When Week 17 came and gone with no movements, I shrugged it off.

Then Week 18 passed and I got a bit concerned. I couldn't help but wondered, "Hey, are you still in there? Are you still growing, Baby A?"

I received my anatomy scan at Week 19, it was a relieve to see Baby A alive and well. Still...I felt no kicking. None that I could feel anyway.

Few days later, I even called the doctor's office to check the results of my anatomy scan. I specifically asked about the placement of my placenta since if it happens to be in front of the baby, it would harder to feel any movements. The doctor just told me everything is normal.

Comforting to hear, but no help at all.

Then, around Week 21, just a week ago, I swear I started feeling something in my belly! A feeling of popping bubbles.

Since then, I have been feeling the bubbles more and more consistently.

And just yesterday, all of a sudden, at 22w5d, I felt a more distinct nudge. I placed my hands over my belly and, as if she wanted to make sure I am aware of her presence, she kicked again and, this time, I felt it from the outside!

It was incredible!

Last night at the dinner table, I felt her kicking again and I immediately placed hub's hand over my belly. Few seconds later, another strong kick! We both looked up and smiled so big at each other.

I think I am most excited that hubs can finally feel her too.

I love it that I can feel Baby A now. It makes everything a little bit more real.

Already, I am learning the daily patterns of the movement. It’s quiet during the day. But the moment I lie down to sleep, she throws a party and learns to dance in there.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up + Monsters, Inc = Happy Hubs

Here in our little household, one of us is a bit obsessed with Disney/Pixar when I saw this hot thread, I knew I had to get in on the deal.

I read every single word and all the different scenarios. My head was about to explode by the end (bargain hunting is hard work), but if you are interested in these blu-ray movies, this is exactly how I got them for a grand total of $7.43 at my local Target store (the plain and no fuss way):

Up $19.99 (on sale at Target) + Monsters, Inc $18.99 (price match from Best Buy - makes sure to bring the ad) - Target coupon $10 (link) - Up coupon $10 (link) - Monsters, Inc coupon $8 (join Disney Movie Rewards and use code 786936164886) - GC $5 (a gift card that we won from inside a cereal box) + tax = $7.43 (!!!!)

Christmas shopping for the hubs is half way done...:)

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Making Baby A, Week 21: First Belly Pic!

21 weeks. More than half way there. I like to say that time is going by in a flash, but in reality, it has been crawling. Hopefully it will speed up now that the holidays are almost here. The most wonderful time of the year is usually over before I know it - I wish this year will be the same.

Some updates...

:: My belly is definitely becoming more obvious. Actually it has been for the last several weeks now. I kept on telling myself to take belly pics, but this lazy pregger just kept on putting it off...until today. It's my goal to start documenting this growing belly. I know that if I don't, I will regret it.

So here is the first of the belly pics...

:: I am not sleeping too well these days. I wake up once or twice (sometimes even 3 times) at night. And since I go to bed early, around the time I wake up at 1am for my last bathroom break, I can't go back to sleep for an hour or two. I toss and turn and try to find a comfortable position using my 3 pillows. Luckily, I still eventually fall back to sleep and wake up fairly refreshed.

:: For my entire life, I never had problems with allergies. Now I live with stuffy and runny nose. My nose is constantly itchy and I sneeze more than ever. *achoo* And, oh, those leg cramps are killing me. They come without any warning.

:: Books, friends, and doctors all say that regular exercise will help with labor and delivery. Since I will need all that help I can get, I have been taking 30-minute walk daily. They say swimming helps too, but I am too cheap to buy a swimming suit. I will start doing yoga at home soon, though.

:: I *think* I feel Baby A kicking! It's still hard to tell since it's not consistent and sometimes I wonder if it is just gas, but I am 95% sure it is her practicing karate. I can't feel the kicking from outside yet, so of course, neither can hubs, but I am looking forward for that day to come.

More updates next week!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

$1 ON Scarves

{link 1 and 2}

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pargo Turns FOUR!

Dear Pargo,

Happy 4th birthday! I hope you enjoyed that drumstick.

Oh, what a year it has been for you! Earlier this year, you got a new brother. Yes, you didn't warm up to him until weeks later, but you were very generous in sharing your toys and bed with the little newcomer right off the bat. (You weren't very good at teaching him to use the bathroom outside, though.)

Although we are still not entirely sure whether or not you love your bother 100%, you have actually re-learned a few things from him! You now, once again, love to lick (our hands and faces), snuggle, and sleep under the blanket.

You are adorable as ever, especially with all the haircuts that Daddy gives you! You also get especially happy after Mommy brushes your hair and wipes your eyes every morning. You appreciate the little things in life.

We love you Pargo! Next year you will become a big brother again. I can't wait to see how you will interact with your baby sister. :)


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Monday, November 2, 2009

Lavender Moon Cupcakery

This Halloween, hubs and I got our sweets in the form of cupcakes!

I have long wanted to visit Lavender Moon Cupcakery (heck, even hubs had them before and raved about them) in Old Town Alexandria and this past weekend, I finally did.

There were around 12-15 flavors available, we decided on tiramisu, blood orange dreamsicle, smores, and chocolate cupcake with peanut butter and chocolate ganache frosting. $3 each.

I thought all the cupcakes were delicious. The cakes were dense and moist, while the frostings were light and fluffy. I don't usually like dense cakes, but I will make exceptions for these! Yum. I have to say that blood orange dramsicle was my fav, but maybe it was because I was really, really hungry when I had it.

Lavender Moon Cupcakery is located right off King Street, nestled in a row of stores. The store sign isn't terribly big so it's easy to miss. Hubs has good eyes and spotted it right away. To keep it small and low-key, they don't have a website nor they take credit cards! Luckily, we got just enough cash on hand. Whew!

Lavender Moon Cupcakery
116 S. Royal Street
Alexandria, VA

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