Shopping For Maternity Wear

When it came to maternity clothes, I tried to spend as little as possible.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any hand-me-downs from friends or family. So as an alternative, I scoured diligently on Craigslist, but fuzzy photos and bad descriptions made my search fruitless.

Around Week 15, my pants started to feel tight and I used the rubber-band technique to last me through the week. Some pregnant women use BellaBand to help them wear regular clothing all the way until 19 or 20 weeks, but at $16 a pop, I skipped it. Instead, my mom and I went shopping and I got two pairs of maternity pants (suitable for work) at Motherhood Maternity for $50. With those two pair of pants and my normal skirts, I lasted another 2 weeks.

The next time I went shopping for maternity clothes was at Old Navy. I had looked through their online maternity shop at home, but was surprised at the tiny selection they have in the store! I managed to find a pair of casual black pants and a sweater for $30.

Last week, Week 18, I knew I couldn't hold off any longer in buying maternity tops. Again, I did a thorough research online and it took me back to ON, where I found the cheapest prices. With a 25% off code, I ordered 3 cardigans, 3 tank tops for layering, and 3 casual tops. All for $117.
So in total, I have spent a little bit less than $200. Depends on who you ask, it may seem like a lot or not much at all. I think of it as a little upgrade to my fall/winter wardrobe and made peace with it.

I hope that the pieces I bought will last me through the pregnancy. Luckily, my workplace isn't super fancy so I shouldn't look like a total slob rotating the same clothes every week.

The only staple I am missing is jeans. I might get it the next time I see free shipping at ON.


  1. I would hate spending on clothes you know you can't wear that long, but oh well, looks like you are being thrifty! And I know you will be cute in whatever you wear!

  2. I agree with Maria - I can't imagine you looking like a "total slob" ever...

  3. I didn't really invest too much on maternity clothes. I ended up wearing my husband t-shirts and some hand me down pants from my sister in laws.


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