Making Baby A, Week 17: Maternity Leave

Perhaps one of the things I look forward to the MOST about being pregnant is the time off I will get once I deliver in March!

This week, I have been thinking about maternity leave - finding more about the company policy and asking experienced co-workers and friends on how long they took off.

While my firm is consistently listed as one of the best companies for working mothers by several magazines, I am surprised they only give two weeks of maternity leave! Since there is no way I will be ready to go back to work after two short weeks, I will be supplementing it with short-term disability, my personal vacation days, and maybe leave-without-pay.

By my rough calculation, I should have 12 weeks of paid leave and, if I choose, another 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Not too shabby.

So what happens after 12 or 24 weeks?

I don't know yet. I haven't looked into daycare (so expensive!) or any other options. Right now, if we still live nearby, I am counting on my dad since he happens to be retiring next March! I think the stars are perfectly aligned on this one. :)

On another note, I am currently 17w6d and fully outfitted in maternity clothes. The pants are a bit loose, but it's much better than trying to squeeze into my regular ones. It's not quite showing underneath all these clothes, but I am sporting a little bump.


  1. Two weeks?! Wow. I thought what we offered was standard: two months and an extra month for C-sections. I'd probably want a year-long break to recuperate after pushing out a child.

  2. Wow..2 weeks is crazy! We get 4 months maternity leave here and mothers are still finding it too short!

  3. I hope you don't have to rush back to work - our world changed greatly when children were left at day-schools.

    I'm glad my mother stayed home - she took college classes during the time (and ended up with 3 master's degrees!)

  4. Geez, looks like I may have to actually start working hard now since we'll be short on income next year. Maybe I can get a pt gig at the grocery store or something, that would help with expenses. Oooh, better yet, I could find a gig at Walmart. That'll give us cheap baby supplies and I could save a few bucks to keep my gaming habit going. sigh...wish the little baby would develop motor skills quickly, that way we can put the little thing to work right away!

  5. Hey! You just won this week's giveaway :)


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