Making Baby A, Week 16: Baby Brain

I've been doing some really dumb things lately. I blame it on baby brain.

I've left my credit card with cashiers, bought wrong items at the grocery store, drove in the wrong direction, left opened cereal boxes on the table, added too much salt to scrambled eggs, and threw away a perfectly good CVS Extra Buck.

I used to be so organized and careful!

I've also noticed that I lost my ability to multi-task.

Usually I can multi-task like the best of them.

I can cook, and while the food cooks, I can clip and organize coupons. I can look through the ads and make mental note to myself on what I need to buy at which store. All in the same time, I can talk to Pargo and play with Pesto.

But with BABY BRAIN...I have to do ONE THING AT A TIME.

I can’t cope with anything more. One task. Then another.

It’s so inefficient.

I am not what I am used to.


  1. Oh are turning into a man! *Kidding!* ;)
    Maybe it is intentional...this "baby brain" is meant to slow you down so that you do not overwork! =) Take care and don't be too hard on yourself, ya! Enjoy your journey into motherhood! =D

  2. knickknacks is right. Your body is undergoing a big change - "don't be too hard on yourself, ya! Enjoy your journey into motherhood."


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