Baby Shower @ The Ritz

I went to my friend Irena's baby shower yesterday. It was a lovely, elegant tea party at the Ritz Carlton. There were about 20 women, all oohing and aahing over baby goodies - from bunny suits to tiny pink dresses. It was all incredibly girly, very entertaining, and heaps of fun.

I sat next to the mother-to-be and we shared our pregnancy experiences thus far. Two of my close friends were also there and we caught up on work and life.

While the pianist played, we sipped on tea, snacked on dainty finger sandwiches, and indulged in sweets.

Overall, what a special treat.

I left the party in my pretty dress feeling classy that I just had afternoon tea at the Ritz.

But after I got home, still hungry and in my jammies, I inhaled two slices of pizza, drenched in oil and covered in sausages.

Ah, perfect balance.


  1. Yup, the Sug looked beautiful in her dress, especially with her baby bump sticking out. =] Still, I don't know about that overpriced hotel chain hosting this thing. I say Famous Daves would've been a better venue.


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