Making Baby A, Week 15: A Little Announcement

Today is a special day. Today I share with you a little big secret that I have been keeping for the last 2+ months. Today I am ready to share it with the blogging world!

My husband and I are going to be parents (to a human baby) next March!


Although the pregnancy planned, it wasn't meticulously done. So while hubs and I are delighted to welcome a new little person into the family next year, I would be lying if I didn't also mention that we are still adjusting to the fact that our easy, responsibilities-free lives are about to a big way.

I've written several posts on the journey thus far and you can read the whole story of Making Baby A here.

P.S. I do have to say "sorry" for the neglect that the blog has suffered. After the morning sickness (and fatigue and food aversion) kicked-in in early August, cooking went out of the window, pictures didn't get taken, and weekends got boring. All in all, the last few weeks of summer went by in one big lazy blur. Although the symptoms haven't completely vanished yet, I am glad to say that at least I don't fall asleep by 7pm anymore. So hopefully regular blogging will return this fall. :)



    I didn't even finish reading the post so hold up...

  2. EEeeee! It's like this whole other life you've been keeping from us. Oh I'm so excited for you both :)

  3. Oh wow...congratulations!!!! *hugs!* =)

  4. Oh wow. I'm completely stunned - and completely thrilled and delighted for you!!

    Congratulations!! Here's to healthy and happy! Both "jelly bean" and you and hubby!

  5. Oh me oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into? Who woulda thought that Pesto would get to be a big brother so soon!? Just 6 more months to go...

  6. THANK YOU everyone! Will definitely keep you guys updated!

  7. Congratulations!!! I have been sadly neglecting blogs and I hadn't come by in a little while...sorry!! So, I came over and I had to do some serious catch up. Oh my! Congratulations!! How exciting!!


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