Disney 2009: Time For Lift-Off

Tomorrow hubs and I are off to one of our favorite destinations, Disney World, to celebrate our two year anniversary!

Believe it when I say that we have been counting down the days since the beginning of summer! Although this will mark our fifth time to Disney together, we are just as excited about it as if we were going there the first time. Disney never gets old, it's our special place. :)

I mentioned it before that Disney is mostly about eating for us. This year, we are trying out four new restaurants and revisiting a hub's favorite, Tusker House. In between the sit-down meals, we will be stuffing our faces with chicken fingers, burgers, fries, ribs, smoothies, floats, sundaes, and pastries.

Hubs is expecting to gain at least 10 pounds.

I hope tomorrow comes quickly and the next six days go by sloowy.

Full trip report when we get back....of course.


  1. Yup, been waiting for this ever since we got back from Ireland. While we manage to visit a lot of other places on this rock called Earth, lil ole Mickey and his home in Orlando is one of our little comfort zones. Just hang out, eat, walk, people watch, rides, eat...

    Not sure what we'll have left to look forward to once we get back tho. Maybe something in March 2010!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. M-I-C! K-E-Y! M-O-U-S-Eeeeeeee!

    What's it spell!?

    A great time for Joyce and her Hubby!

    p.s., I'll doggy sit Pargo and Pesto and BB2 for you!

  3. Happy 2nd anniversary!!! Hope you two have a smashing time! =)

  4. Oh fun!!!!! Lucky punks :)

    Happy anniversary and can't wait to hear/read/see all about it. By the way, you're too cute with your little organized time table.

  5. @ Intense Guy: I'd totally take you up on your offer if we lived closer together! By the way, BB2 is huge now.


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