Making Baby A, Week 9: Frozen Burritos Never Tasted So Good

I thought being pregnant would make me want to EAT EAT EAT, but it has been the exact opposite.

The thought of my favorite braised chicken makes me want to throw up, I can't stomach eating vegetables, and I haven't had my favorite spicy udon noodles in weeks!

The doctor told me that I can expect to gain roughly 25 pounds during the pregnancy, so far, I have gained none.

Luckily, most women lose weight during their first trimester, due to the exact same problem I am having, so I am not too worried. I read online that instead of worrying about eating what's healthy, I should just eat what tastes good to me. So my meals for the past few days included frozen burritos (oh yum!), corn chowder (creamy soups usually gross me out), egg sandwiches, plain toast, corn-on-the-cobs, and lots and lots of cereal and fruit.

I hope I get my regular appetite back soon! I miss eating!

{written on 8/17/09, published on 9/23/09}