Yum-O! Bob's Noodles 66!

Last Sunday, after touring Brookside Gardens, we went to Bob's Noodle 66 for lunch. Bob's Noodles, in Rockville, serves authentic Taiwanese cuisine, at very reasonable prices!

We ordered several dishes to share: crispy smelled bean curd (deep-fried stinky bean curd w/ pickled cabbage - it was STINKY), rice sausage (steamed pig intestine w/ sweet rice), Taiwanese hamburger (braised pork, peanut powder, and mustard greens in a steamed bun), oyster pancake (sweet potato powder, pan-fried w/ eggs, oysters, and vegetables), and a couple of seafood noodle dishes.

Except for the noodle dishes, the rest were your typical Taiwanese street foods.

I wasn't too fond of the noodles, but loved all the street foods, especially the Taiwanese hamburger (it had the perfect fat to lean meat ratio) and oyster pancake (the soft dough was heavenly). So delicious!

Those two things alone are enough for me to go back again! Soon, hopefully.


  1. I enjoy chinese food - the stinky - bit is off putting but some of it is yummy - it just gets hard to 'experiment' and find something that one enjoy when its called 'stinky'. :)

  2. Not sure why we don't hit this place up more often. It's good and cheap, just a bit far but the drive isn't too bad. Then again, with the yummy stuff coming out of Joyce's kitchen all the time, there really is no point I guess. =]


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