Quiet Times

by Guest
I just had to chime in here after Joyce's previous post with the little video. Seeing that our trip to Ireland was one of the bestest adventures we've ever had together, I wanted to thank her for taking me there with this little video/slideshow. She tends to sanitize her photos before upping them here on Sugarlens, so I decided to include shots that I liked, regardless of how unflattering they may be. While Joyce did an excellent job summarizing the trip, I wanted this to capture the moments behind all those posts.

As has been mentioned before, Ireland was my pick. I wanted a nice quiet getaway from cities and people. I've long wanted to visit that place, even before the whole economic turnaround of the island. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed and am glad I got to experience it with my favorite girl. So if you have 12 minutes to spare and don't despise Dido, enjoy.


  1. Watching this definitely brings back good memories and makes me want to go back to Ireland someday. Sigh, when will that be? But either way, no matter where we go, traveling with the hubs is always fun. :)

    Thanks for making this video of us!

  2. Wow..thanks for sharing! You guys sure did have a great time! =)

  3. Beautiful video. It captures love.


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