Personal Goals: July Oh-Nine

Whoa, is 2009 really more than half way over? I remember it was January not so long ago - when we just came back from Jamaica and went to Maryland to get our new puppy. Now we’re halfway through the year.

Six months have gone. And there are six months left. What did I achieve? What were the highlights? What am I going to do with the rest of the year? Lots to think about.

It's time to review my goals for June! Hey, guess what, I didn't do half bad!

1) Create Something! I sure felt crafty last month. My creations included: fabric covered magnets, marble magnets, and freezer paper stenciling. On top of that, I taught myself all about applying textures in Photoshop.

2) Snack properly! I don't remember raiding my coworker's candy jar nearly as much in June. Instead, having a piece of fruit around 9:30-10 every morning and lots of water throughout the day was the norm.

3) Start reading! I didn't do too well on this one. I started on two books, but didn't finish neither of them. I am still in the midst of the second book - Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron. It's an easy read, perfect for just before bed, but I always end up falling asleep. Not because it's a boring book, though! I just like to sleep.

4) Exercise! Although I didn't walk as many times as I would've liked per week, I did walk more than usual last month. Sometimes with hubs, sometimes without, but always with the puppies. A couple of times at work, I even went for short strolls during my lunch break. I figured a 15-minute walk is still better than sitting in my little cubicle.

My goals for July:

1) Wipe up the kitchen as messes occur. Yesterday I spent a good hour cleaning and scrubbing the kitchen stove and countertop. Not a fun activity. This month, I am determined to wipe down the kitchen every night or at least clean the kitchen once a week. On a side note, I've discovered the power of vinegar, hot water, and baking soda.

2) Complete a daily/weekly project. Find a simple, little, achievable project to complete every day/week

3) Same as June, snack properly and exercise.

4) Train Pesto. The little monster has been causing a lot of trouble around our little house lately. I've always defended him by saying that he's too young to learn, too hyper to learn, too this and that to learn, but he's turning 10 MONTHS in 3 days. I am going to hold a training session with him at least every other day.

I am not giving myself too much this July, just in case the weather stays great and all I want to do is fool around.


  1. How will you measure whether you have "trained" Pesto?

    I think you will have no problem with the "Daily/weekly Project" - especially if you include your blog entries, which are often works of art in their own right.

  2. Good job on your goals! I need to set more specific ones to work on.

  3. The Immortal ChihuahuaJuly 6, 2009 at 4:13 PM

    Pesto is a lost cause. He knows he's indestructible, so he doesn't listen or respond to punishment. And when he does, the moment he knows we aren't looking, he goes bad to the bone. No cord, plant, carpet, or Pargo is safe with that devil running around. Hell, we need to setup a webcam to monitor all the crimes he commits.

  4. I think you def made some progress! Good work! This month will be better :-)

  5. I think the fact that you're practical and realize the weather could impede you doing "good" is an excellent little notation. I ALSO think that I will steal your 'wipe the kitchen down after every use' (instead of mess for me...because all uses end up messes) and try to do this myself. I will start tonight.


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