July 4th 2009

Our 4th of July was without parades, watermelons, hot dogs, and flag cakes. Instead it was of silly "photo booth" pics, yummy traditional Vietnamese cooking, fresh shrimp chips, and mango ice cream.

Oh, and fireworks? I caught a few glimpse from the bedroom window.

Hope you all had a sparkling day!


  1. Happy Fourth of July!!

    :) Looks like Pesto is the happy dog!

    It makes me smile to see such a happy couple.

  2. Haha..that's a cute family potrait! :)

  3. Funny what keeps us entertained while hanging around at the folks' house, a simple webcam. It was a fun day, but we definitely ate too much.

  4. Cute pics! I also just caught a glimpse of them shooting from the rooftops on my way out that night. And mango sorbet is my absolute fave!


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