Discovered: Brookside Gardens

I love visiting gardens!

In just two years, I've visited several, including the Japanese Tea Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden, Longwood Gardens, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens (where we were married!), and Green Spring Gardens. After this weekend, I can add one more to my growing list - we visited Brookside Gardens in Maryland this past Sunday.

I've always known about Brookside Gardens, but never found a chance to visit. Last Friday, after reading in the Weekend section that the gardens was celebrating its 40th anniversary and the butterfly exhibit, usually $6 to enter, was free, I decided that it was the perfect time to go.

There were seven of us - hubs, me, my parents, a family friend, Ken, and Yi-Hsin.

With hubs leading the way, I think we saw every inch of Brookside Gardens. We saw the aquatic garden, azalea garden, butterfly garden, children's garden, rose garden, Japanese style garden, trial garden, and gragrance garden. The gardens also included a Japanese Tea House and several gazebos. Everything was just lovely! Flowers flowers everywhere!

Brookside Gardens is so well-maintained, with plenty of benches to relax your feet. It's calm, serene, and shady. Perfect place to walk around.

Perhaps my most favorite part of the gardens is the butterfly exhibit. Inside a small greenhouse, we saw a variety of butterflies. Hundreds and hundreds of these flying critters. So colorful and pretty!

The butterflies were landing all over the place - on hats, pants, and bags. I really hoped to have one land on my nose, but it didn't happen. Nevertheless, hubs and I had a field day taking pictures.

They even put out fresh fruits to attract the butterflies.

What a great (and beautiful) trip!


  1. Lovely! I have to admit though I probably would have had a small heart attack having a butterfly land on me. I'm weird like that. Things with wings on me...eek!

  2. I had a friend that lived Gaithersburg get married there. I didn't get to see much besides the pavillion as I had to put all the tables and chairs up (and down).

    Your pictures are the next best thing to being there.

  3. what a pleasant surprise that garden was. three things tho, it was a bit small, the ponds were filthy, and there were a lot of goose droppings in some areas. but hey, it was free and there were a lot of nice flowers and critters. will have to head back there in the future.

  4. @ Heidi: Even little innocent butterflies? :) But I agree with you, birds scare me.

    @ Intense Guy: I actually looked into Brookside Gardens when I was planning my wedding, but it was a lil too far. Hope you have a chance to go back someday!

    @ Sugarfly: I actually like it that the place isn't too big. Less overwhelming and easier to say that we saw everything. :)


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