a battlefield trip

Taking advantage of the fee-free weekend, hubs and I took the puppies to Manassas National Battlefield Park on Saturday.

I can't say we, along with the puppies, enjoyed the park all that much - there is virtually no shade on the grassy battlefield - and for two non-Civil War history buffs, the place didn't really spark any interests. We took a quick jaunt around the one-mile Henry Hill Loop Trail, saw the Stonewall Jackson Monument, a couple of canons, and called it a day.

However, my whole purpose was to get out of the house - as it was a nice, breezy day. Mission accomplished. Hmmm, hubs wasn't too pleased with the trip though, but he will be happy to hear that I have no plans of dragging him back there again.


  1. Aw. You didn't walk on the creek-side trail near the stone bridge. You may have liked that better and its a lot shadier there. There was also a trail on the northwest side near what were to be railroad tracks that were in the woods too.

    I think your hubby would prefer the C and O Canal though... out near PawPaw Tunnel.

  2. @ Intense Guy: My hubs actually wanted to walk that 5-mile trail you mentioned, but I didn't feel up for it. I didn't think the puppies would last either. Now that you said how shady it is, I know hubs is going to say I told you so. :)

  3. Love is a battlefield!

    I couldn't resist.

    I like the effects you did with the pics though!

  4. the last thing I expected when going out to a national park for some peace and quiet would be throngs of ppl and cars, with some dressed up in Civil War outfits. then again, it is called Manassas Battlefield Park, so it's to be expected really. I still don't know why the Sug drags me out to these sort of places.... grumble grumble...

  5. @ freesia39: All thanks to Pioneer Woman's photoshop actions!


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