Yesterday was a good day. So was day before that. And the day before that.

Happy Monday my fellow bloggers! How was your first weekend of summer?

Mine was good...and extra long because I took Friday off. I played with the puppies, read, blogged, and cooked. Those activities combined is my definition of a perfect day.

Saturday I went to ON bright and early for those tank tops. They fit nicely, although a bit long. Super comfy and I just know they will become part of my summer uniform. Later we met up with hub's side of family for some yummy (but salty) Vietnamese food at a local pho house. We chatted and caught up while slurping on noodles.

In the afternoon, I crammed in some craft time and hubs got the computer ready to give my dad. We spent the evening at my parents' house - got the computer up + running and ate pan-fried dumplings.

Sunday morning my mom + I went to CVS and scored 20 Soy Joy bars for FREE! I heart CVS. Afterwards we went next door to McD and got a cappuccino for her and an iced mocha for me. Who needs Starbucks?

Around lunch time, we joined hub's family for a cookout. We munched on chicken skewers, corn-on-the-cobs, and ribs. Some kite-flying, kickballing, and Wii-ing were involved. Good times.

We finished up the day by getting some much-needed R&R at home with the Pargo and Pesto. I said, it was a good (extra long) weekend.


  1. Ah, the kind of weekend where you need an extra day just to get some rest! :) Those are the best and it sounds like you had a marvelous weekend.

  2. ahhh love that weekend! sounds so relaxing and fun!

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend. :)

  4. if only they were all like that...


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