Personal Goals: June Oh-Nine

Hey, we’re up to month number 6 already! Is 2009 really ALMOST half way over?

Are you ready for summer? I am! Hubs and I are staying in town all summer, as he's taking a full load of classes. I don't mind - I am planning on playing tourist in my hometown. I am embarrassed to admit that although I have been living in the DC suburb for a very long time, there are many places I haven't been. Hopefully I will get a chance check out some new-to-me places in the next few months.

But this post isn't about the places I will go, it's about my personal goals.

Every month I make myself think about my personal goals. I might set new ones, revisit on-going ones, check up on how I am doing in various areas in my life. I am not too strict about it. It’s just nice to create a space for my thoughts.

Although I am not strict about my goals, I need to hunker down and start doing better!

Instead of revisiting my goals for May, which I failed miserably, I am just going to go ahead and make new ones for June:

1) Create Something! I have been itching to make something! These fabric covered magnets look easy enough - and they would pretty up my fridge - but there are so many supplies to buy. I want to create something without spending a dime. Is that possible?

2) Snack properly! I am very good about bringing my own lunch to work every day. It's convenient, healthyier, and economical. But between the hours of 9-10am and 1-2pm, I often find myself raiding coworker's candy jar. I need to bring more fruits! On second thought, I need to buy more fruits!

3) Start reading! My literary taste is not at all impressive. Nevertheless, I want to drop those glossy magazines and pick up a book, any book.

4) Exercise! I hardly move. I go to work, sit for 8 hours, go back home, and sit some more. I went out for walks the past two days - fab weather(!) - and loved it! I hope I will commit to walking several times a week this month.

It’s the second day of a new month! How are you doing with your personal goals and resolutions for the year?


  1. ooh dear! what classes is your husband taking?

  2. try "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford"

  3. Oh riiiiight! Resolutions...I made some of those I think. what were they?

  4. The Washington DC area is a great place to play tourist! It really compares well to the great cities of the world - The C and O canal, the civil war battlefields, Mount Vernon, all those great museums on the mall!

    Good luck with the resolutions! I'm reading a book myself called "Lord Valentine's Castle" by Robert Silverburg. Its a little "out there" in the sci fi fantasy world for me - but the characters are really interesting.

    My main resolution is take care of myself better and watch what I'm eating a lot more closely.

  5. Being a tourist in your own city is not only fun but green :) You could make that part of your list and cross it off already. haha!

    One of my goals for month 6 is to enjoy it! Looking at the plans I have for the month I know I'll have no problem with that one.

  6. @ Pearl: He's taking some courses for his MBA program. I can't wait for him to be finished this OCTOBER!

    @ akanie: Thanks! I have it on reserve at the library. I am, like, 87 in line though.

  7. You are so motivating! I mean making goals like this must really help you to stay on track. I'm totally with you on #2. I could snack endlessly all day long. And as for the reading, I am so addicted to those crazy Twilight books it's all I've been doing for the past week. Probably not much above a magazine, but it will def get you reading! :)


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