an old recorder

The other day, I found this old recorder while rummaging through one of my old boxes at my parents' place.

Oh, it brought back memories. Back in the fourth grade, living in Taiwan, I played this very recorder every day in the school band. I remember playing the national anthem during the school's daily morning assembly.

For sentimental reasons, I decided to take the recorder home with me. After a good hot soapy bath, I gave it a whirl. Gosh, I recall being so proficient at it, but now I can't seem play anything to save my life. Grrr.

But, I found out that although I have forgotten how to play, the recorder is still good for something.

As soon as I started blowing, the puppies came running and barking. I jokingly told the hubs that this is a great way to summon the boys from now on.

We can be like the von Trapp family. :)


  1. Oh I used to play the recorder too in elementary school! Everyone had to for orchestra class and we'd play Mary Had a Little Lamb, some song about the moon, and several others. I'm sure you were way better than I ever was! After a while I needed some way to avoid orchestra class and so I signed up for the chorus instead :)

  2. I bet it is much like riding a bike - you keep trying and it will slowly come back to you!

    I never played anything very well - I had hopes for the violin, trumpet, and then the piano but my fingers never did what they were told to do - even now typing is an effort for them :)

    I recall a comical moment in College when one of the professors who played the bagpipe (and quite well) decided to teach anyone that wanted to, how to play it. So for weeks a bunch of guys walked around tooting recorders to get the hang of the fingering. Thankfully, I don't think anyone went on to play the bagpipe.

  3. This thing needs to be banned! I don't think the boys like it, I think it causes them pain. Yes, must stop playing that thing please.

  4. I used to play the recorder too. My kids have the hand me downs now and I can't play it to save my life and, like you, I used to be able to play it quite well. oh well.


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