One Photo, Three Ways

Sadly, we didn't bring home any souvenirs from Ireland. I wanted a drawing or painting to hang around the house. We looked everywhere, but came out empty-handed.

The light bulb went off today when I realized that I could take one of the many photos we took and, with the help of Photoshop, turn it into a piece of art.

So off I went to find the perfect picture!

We took the following photo while driving the famous Ring of Kerry, more specifically, on the scenic Skellig Ring. Oh my goodness, it was breathtaking! Pretty much every couple of feet, I made hubs pull over so I could satisfy my urge to photograph every corner.

I like this picture because in addition to the coastal view, the emerald green field is decorated with farmhouses, stone walls, and, of course, sheep. Ah, how very typical Ireland scenery!

I found some photo editing tutorials online and here are my results.

Click on the images for a closer view.


{Nostalgic Retro Fairytale Look}

{Canvas Painting}

My plan is to print the photo 8x10 and put it a matted frame. Until June 21, CVS is offering a free 8x10 for in-store pick up.

I still have some time to decide - help me pick? Is original the best, without all that fake touch-up? Should I learn a different effect? Should I pick a completely different photo? A collage?


  1. I like the original myself - its hard to "improve" on the natural beauty of the landscape and that is one spectacular photo!

    One thing a friend of mine does, that you might want to consider, is they get 2 or 3 of their very best / favorite scenes made into the size of the framing, and puts them all in the frame separated with clean paper - so when they tire of one scene, they undo the frame and change the picture - voila! a manual changing picture.

    Or you might consider a digital frame - I do wish they were not so pricey!! I got around that by putting some of my favorite pictures into a computer screensaver slideshow program - for when I'm not using the computer.

  2. I love the original and the canvas painting best, but that's probably because the green is still so vibrant! Let us know which one you go with!

  3. How neat! My vote is for the canvas. What a great way to remember your trip.

  4. i like all of them, but i think i can imagine the canvas painting up on a wall more so than i can imagine the other two. they're gorgeous!

  5. The last one, yup!

  6. Looks like the majority is for the canvas. Thanks guys, I will make sure to show you the final product when I have it.

    @ Intense Guy: I like your idea of printing several and swapping them every so often.


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