My Photos: Purple Lavender

The sun came out after three straight days of rain. Taking advantage of the nice weather, my family, along with a family friend, went to a nearby lavender farm for some pictures.

Same as me, the family friend is also really interested in photography. However, even though she got her big camera much later than me, she's already much more knowledgeable! I am such a slow learner...

I finally learned all about f-stop from her today! For these two snapshots, I used Av mode and set it to f/6.3.

It was really good to have someone to shoot with and learn from.

PS. Isn't this butterfly pretty? I followed it everywhere and became its biggest fan.


  1. Love your photos! Purple flowers are my favorite!

  2. Those pictures are brilliant!

    I really like the first one - it would make an amzing jigsaw puzzle.

  3. What's an f-stop? What's SLR anyways? I'll just stick with point-n-shoot cameras thank you very much!

  4. A white butterfly with a lavender very pretty!

  5. Thank you everyone! Definitely still got a lot to learn. :)

  6. @ Canon: You know how we always ask, how do you make the background blurry? Here is how:

    If you want a very shallow depth of field (blackground blurry), use a very large aperture opening, which would be a very low number (f3.0)

    If you want a very large depth of field (everything in focus), you'd choose a very small aperture opening, which would be a higher number. (f20)

    Now we just need to remember this whenever we are shooting!


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