My Photos: More Flowers

Yesterday I visited Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria VA. Yi-Hsin and I were googling on places to go and this garden popped up in one of our searches. A great find!

Green Spring Gardens feature a wide variety of trees and flowers. Very well maintained, with a gazebo, shady benches, a horticultural center, and greenhouse. It is a great place for me to play shutterbug and test out my newly acquired knowledge of f-stop.

I was snappy happy for an hour. But by the end, I had a hard time framing the shots to make the subjects more interesting. This is something I need to work on, as well as composition.

Eh, regardless, I think I am over taking pictures of flowers. I want to move onto something more exciting! Kids! Couples! Families!

Who wants to be my guinea pig? :)


  1. Your individual flower pictures are really beautiful - but your compostion in a collage makes it art!

  2. Say NO to Babies!June 15, 2009 at 12:27 PM

    Kids, couples and families? Are Pargo, Pesto, and I supposed to just sit back and take this abuse? You've been taking pics of us for eons and we don't even count? *sigh*. . .

  3. I think the pictures of the flowers are beautiful!


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