more magnets, marbles this time

(last time I made these fabric covered magnets)

Ever since I saw these cute marble magnets on not martha, I wanted to make them. It took me a while to gather all the supplies as cheaply as possible, but yesterday I finally did and enjoyed some crafting fun.

This is a great handmade gift, IMO. You can make a set of flower magnets for the gardeners in your life. A set of dog magnets for dog lovers like moi. The possibilities are endless! Once done making them, there are many creative ways to package them - this one, in particular, is my favorite.

As for the pictures for the magnets, old magazines (like Hallmark or Simple Living) are great. I used a scrapbook paper (that I bought maybe 2 years ago) for my first try.

Super, super simple to make. I won't repeat the instructions, but you can find them here and here.

There are different methods to make these, some people prefer neat+tidy and use a round punch to cut out the pictures. I didn't have one so I used a good ol' pair of scissors. Some people use super glue, but I found decoupage, applied with a brush, sealed everything nicely (even strong enough to adhere the magnets). It's all about trial+error. Once you start doing a couple, you will find a rhythm of your own. The hardest part, I will say, is making sure there are no air bubbles between the picture and marble.

I made a set of 4, but it actually took a good 20 minutes. Mod Podge is, um, sticky and messy that I had to wash my hands several times during the process.

Here they are ready to embellish my fridge:

I still have a bag of clear marbles and few magnets left. I shall make more soon.

(but to be honest, I think I like the fabric covered ones a lot more)


  1. oh my gosh - what a COOL project! thanks for sharing! you are SOOOO creative!

  2. hmmm...I went to the fridge tonite and forgot what I went there for because I kept staring at all these new magnets. first buttons, now glass balls with flowers in them. oh wait, I remember now, I'm supposed to put the pot of soup in the fridge. got it...

  3. They are very pretty! Wish I were half as creative as you!

  4. LOL@Veggie Soupoh.

    I can understand well his confusion. :)

  5. Very fun! What a cute little project. If you like Mod Podge, stop by my blog! I enjoyed stopping by - :D


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