Freezer Paper Stenciling!

I have been in a crafty mood lately!

My latest project is freezer paper stenciling! I tried it for the first time tonight and I will just say that it won't be my last. Freezer paper stenciling has been buzzing around for a long time (luckily I finally caught up). There are lots of tutorials out there. Some are particularly helpful and easy to read, you can find them here, here, and here.

At first I was just going to use a bird stencil I saw online for my first try, but hubs was less than thrilled at the idea. I am a terrible drawer so he volunteered to draw something for me, as long as I give him pictures for inspiration. The sea turtle I saw in Hawaii popped into mind. Using a photograph we took, hubs started drawing. He drew on a piece of regular paper first. Then he traced the design on the non-glossy side of freezer paper.

We don't have a lot of supplies in this household. So instead of the recommended cutting board and xacto knife, we used an old magazine and a razor blade. Hubs did a great job cutting out the design in detail. Keep in mind that the paper is the stencil- the negative space of your design. That means, where there is paper, there will be no paint (and vice versa). The links I provided above explain this more in detail.

After the stencil is done, the rest is easy. Iron the freezer paper onto your fabric (glossy side down), with a medium hot iron, no steam. I decided to iron the turtle design on the back of my ribbed tank top.

Then place wax paper, cardboard, or an old shirt in between the fabric to prevent bleeding.

Next, you PAINT! This is when we realized that anything ribbed isn't the most ideal fabric to paint on. Because of the nature of the ribbed fabric, the paint didn't apply on evenly and some paint "spilled over". This can be completely avoided when using fabric with a flat surface, like a regular t-shirt.

Let it set for at least 4 hours. Overnight is preferred. We were two excited kids who couldn't wait any longer so we peeled off after 2 hours. It worked out fine.

As you can see in the close-up, the turtle doesn't have the smoothest edges (this is what I meant when I said the paint "spilled over"), but I do love my new personalized tank top! I love it that it's unique and hubs created the stencil from scratch! It's one and only, I love it.

PS. Do you notice that the favicon for {sugarlens} is a turtle? Remember these turtle note cards I made? They were all inspired by that sea turtle I saw on the Big Island of Hawaii. :)


  1. ok, you are beyond crafty and creative! LOVE this! The turtle is so cute too!

  2. Long live the turtle! sigh...when are we going back to Hawaii?

  3. cute! I can't believe you managed to get your hubby to do this with you! :)

  4. That is just really cool! Not only is it a one of a kind - it resurfaces (no pun intended) all sorts of warm and fuzzy memories.

  5. How cute! What a great way to snaz up those ON tanks!


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