cute as a button

See this (hideously) ugly shirt? I bought it years ago at J.Crew for 10 bucks. The me back then thought that it was too good of a deal to pass up, even if I would never actually wear it. Hubs said that this shirt was probably made from the scraps of other shirts. I sorta agreed.

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to create something. More specifically, I wanted to make these oh-so-adorable fabric covered magnets, but didn't want to spend a ton. The project called for assorted fabrics, buttons to cover, magnets, and hot glue gun. I didn't have any of the least so I thought.

Then I came home and saw that shirt hanging in the closet. Perfect. pattern would make a good variety of magnets! It also dawned on me that instead of hot glue gun, the super glue we already have would also do the trick. All I had to buy were the buttons and magnets. And I just happened to have a Michaels 50% off coupon.

So after work today, I went to Michaels and bought a package of twelve 1/2" round magnets for $0.93. They didn't have the buttons so I ran next door to Walmart and found them for $1.28 for a package of five (3/4" round). I grabbed two packs.

After dinner, hubs and I got to work. I traced and cut. He tucked and pushed. He dotted the back with super glue. I placed the magnets on. It was teamwork and (unfortunately) the fun only lasted for 15 minutes.

Ta da!

And here they are doing their thang.

The most fun $3.50 I spent this week. Hands down.


  1. Oh my! The buttons are beautiful! Fantastic repurposing project, now I need to do some searching in my closet :-))

  2. Oh my goodness, they are sooo cute!! You should totally go into the magnet-making business. Good job, guys :)

  3. Goodness. I wouldn't have even been seen dead wearing that shirt! :)

    You went beyond recyling - you made something really nifty out of something that shouldn't have seen the light of day!

  4. Interesting shirt makes for very cute magnets! Nicely done.

  5. PS. I only used up a little piece of the shirt. It's now, once again, hanging in my closet, waiting for my next project!

  6. That shirt needs to go away. This slow death is crazy, just get rid of the thing. Worst damn piece of clothing ever produced by JCrew, hands down!

    Of course, these little buttons are pretty neat, tho I still think plain ole naked magnets work fine.

  7. awe...sooo CUTE! make some for me?? :)

    i can't believe you bought such clothing girl! that shirt pattern is almost similar to something my dorky brother (your hubby) bought back in his jr high school days. just ask him, he'll remember. it was some dark green/gray/brown/black checker-block cotton shirt. he thought it was cool until i told him the truth; then he asked me to accompany him to exchange it for something more decent. LOL

    hmm...i should continue to give you more of my clothes. haha..

  8. Those buttons are adorable!!! I'm re-thinking all the clothes I just put in the good will bag.


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