(All the way) Up!

Three weeks after its opening date, we finally saw Up! As always, Disney/Pixar didn't disappoint - it was heartfelt, hilarious, and entertaining!

Up is about a 70-something ex-balloon salesman who fulfills a lifelong dream of adventure by tying thousands of balloons to his house and flying away to South America. Along on the journey is an ambitious 8-year old boy scout trying to earn his final badge and together, they find a giant, exotic bird and a dog that can talk.

The story is wildly imaginative, I love it.

My favorite part of the movie is the first ten to fifteen minutes. Using little dialogue, the opening montage tells the story of Carl and his wife, Ellie, and the life they share together. It is so visually touching that let me just say I wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes.

Have you seen Up? You should! I can't wait to buy it on blu-ray and watch it all over again.

After the movie, we had dinner at our old stomping ground, Maggiano's. Hubs finally got his fix of beef medallions and I had my usual pasta with mushrooms and chicken (Rigatoni "D"). Both delicious, but so so so rich. It made me feel gross, but in good way. :) The we stopped by Anthro, but left with nothing. Came home and gave both buppies a bath. We had a good night!


  1. Aww I want to see Up too! You know I was on my way to the train station after a trip to the ASPCA with Toby (he's finally getting neutered in two weeks!) and I passed by a theater with an ad for The Hangover. I had half a mind to walk in dog and all to watch that thing again.

  2. oh my gosh i saw it last night and thought it was SOOOOOO cute!

  3. I want a badge, I want to help old people. ^__^

  4. Judging by all the great reviews, I better see this movie!

    Do you pups like taking baths? Mine sure did, she would hop into the tub all the time. :)

  5. @ Intense Guy: Heck NO they don't like baths! Especially Pargo. And somehow he knows when we are about to give him a bath - he gets scared, shrivers, and hides in his bed.

    How did you train yours to like baths?

  6. I want to see this so bad!! My husband actually likes little movies like that, and even agreed to go with me, but after 2 baby showers this weekend I just couldn't muster up the motivation. I will have to make a date for later this week!

  7. I loved this movie too! I teared up in a few parts of this movie and exactly where you said you teared up too. Pixar is genius.

  8. I loved it! Oh man, it made me cry, all the stories about him and his wife.


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