Shortcut to Europe

Once a year, Embassies of the European Union host an open house. On that day, from 10-4, each Embassy offers a unique program featuring the country's cuisine, its music and special events. We visited Spain, Germany, France, and Sweden last year.

I thought the event was worthwhile and decided to join the fun again this year - with Ireland and Greece being my two top countries to visit.

A group of us drove into DC and parked at Dupont Circle. The parking meter told us that parking is free on Saturdays, but with a two hour limit. We kept that in mind and started our journey around Europe!

Majority of the embassies are clustered on Massachusetts Avenue, known as the Embassy Row. Embassies of Ireland and Greece are located at the beginning of the Embassy Row. In fact, they are across from one another. We decided to go up further and tackle UK first, and work our way down.

At the UK Embassy, we toured the residential gardens, sampled drinks, and grabbed some free stuff. I snatched up a Mini Rough Guide to Wales.

Then we went to Denmark for chocolates and apples.

By the time we finished, the two hour was almost up - so we hurried back to the car. On the way there, we saw long lines at Ireland and Greece. Miles and miles long.

Once we made sure the car was okay, we agreed not to wait in the lines of Ireland and Greece and changed our journey to include Spain instead (because when we went there last year, there were yummy treats and no lines).

So we drove to the Spain Embassy and found a parking spot. Talk about luck. But, oh my god, the line to get in was just as long. Once inside, the line for food was even more ridiculous.

But since we were already there, we just waited...and waited...and waited. For ONE WHOLE HOUR! Just for some paella and potato omelets. Granted, they were pretty good.

By the time we finished, it was nearly 2pm. I was tired from all the waiting and felt crazy for standing in line for so long for practically nothing.

I tell myself: Never Again.


  1. ahh. sounds like quite an experience!

  2. Sounds like a really neat idea - too bad the lines were so terribly long. Perhaps they should use timed tickets.

  3. @ Intense Guy: You know, that's a great idea. They should learn from Disney's FastPass.


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