Hullo! I am back from Ireland!

Ireland is positively amazing. We had a wonderful time exploring the country in our little Kia and documenting the trip with hundreds and hundreds of pictures. We visited castles, walked through ruins, hiked up a waterfall, counted sheep, fell in love with black pudding, survived driving on the left, chatted with friendly people, wrote our names in the sand, and saw beautiful beautiful countryside.

Yes, everything really is covered in moss.

As for the weather, we really got lucky. Except for the first day when experienced all four seasons (crazy!), the sun shined at all the right moments and rained when we didn't mind.

As wonderful as Ireland is, there is no place like home. It's good to be back home - where the water pressure is just right, where things aren't outrageously expensive, where a home-cooked meal is only 30 minutes away, and where Pargo sleeps above my head + Pesto sleeps near my feet.

Our landlady had the windows replaced while we were gone, and although we left our little place spotless before we left, we came back to a place covered in dust. Instead of recuperating and spending time with the boys, we wiped, vacuumed, and washed/folded two loads of laundry last night. It was worth it. By the time we crashed at 9pm, our place was once again clean and everything in its place.

I am looking forward writing about the trip and sharing pictures! I am also looking forward in catching up with all of your blogs!


  1. Welcome Back! I'm glad you are home safely.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the land of the thousands shades of green! That picture of the Cliffs of Moher is spectacular! Can wait to see more of your wonderful pictures!

  2. Welcome back, guys! Looking forward to hearing more about this new place and enjoying the lovely pictures that are sure to come.

  3. i am so glad you had a wonderful time in ireland! looks beautiful!

  4. HI! I stumbled upon your website through one of the food sites (either food gawker or tastespotting, I forget which one). I was wondering how you find all these good deals on trips?!?! You've inspired me to go to Jamaica! Thank you much!


  5. I look forward to hearing more about it. I remember that about the water pressure and that everything was damp. All the time. Our towels never dried.

    That photo at the top is breathtaking!

  6. hmmm...been back for 4 days now and I'm still stuck on Irish time. definitely wish I was still out and about the countryside looking at sheep. oh well, all good things must end sometime and this trip was great.

  7. I had some aunts that traveled to Ireland together and absolutely loved it. :) That's a great pic.


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