To understand the gravity of what I’m about to announce, you have to understand that Pargo and Pesto aren't exactly touch-feely with each other...even after four months.

Pargo, especially, has always been a loner. Although he has gotten used to his little brother, he doesn't like to be crowded or touched by him. He hates it when Pesto gets too physical/close while playing.

And although they both sleep on the bed with us, they sleep at the opposite ends.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this the other night. I carefully grabbed my camera and documented this amazing milestone.

My two boys! Snuggling together! (all together now...awwwwww!)

Who knows when this will ever happen again, but baby steps.

After all, everything takes time...


  1. Great blog! I popped over from Fancy Feet. Love your photos from Barcelona...what a great place to visit!

    The boys are adorable! Great to capture such a sweet moment.

  2. :) One thing nice about having small(er) dogs is that they can snuggle without taking up the entire surface of the sofa, bed, or area they are laying on.

    Perhaps Pargo is mellowing out and accepting now.

  3. Hmm, guess hell finally froze over.

  4. That's such a great photo. I love how they appear to have backed into each other and have their ears slightly down. If there were word balloons over their heads, I wonder what thoughts they'd contain?


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