Personal Goals: April Oh-Nine

The cherry trees around the Tidal Basin are in full bloom, and therefore, April has arrived!

Instead of driving into DC to see the cherry trees, we walked around the neighborhood with the pups yesterday. It was warm with a light breeze - a great day to be out. We managed to see some cherry trees on our walk, too. By the time we got back, the pups were beat and went straight for a nap. Later, once they had awoken from their slumber, we took advantage of the natural light and took some great portraits of them.

It's time to visit my goals for March.

1) Try (once again) to eat well. This goal is a work in progress!

2) Read about Spain. In addition to reading about Spain from the tour books and online, I even watched videos. I learned about its history, art, food, people, culture, and more. I definitely accomplished this goal.

3) Spend more quality time with hubs. I *think* we spent more time together last month - whether it was spending a snow day together, getting cupcakes, shopping, or planting seeds. In addition, we have started watching a mini-series together called When a Dog Loves a Cat. We are both enjoying it a lot and will finish it up in April.

I didn't do too terribly on my last month's goals! (Granted, they were fairly easy.)

In April, I want to do the following things:

1) Try (once again and again) to eat well. I haven't step on a scale in months, but I know I am slowly gaining weight (it's getting more and more difficult to squeeze into my jeans). I hope by eating healthier and smartly will help me avoid buying new jeans.

2) Continue to learn the functionalities on my dSLR. Most of the time, I shoot in auto. This month, I want to take more pictures in manual and experience with different shutter speeds and aperture settings. Hope I will have some nice pictures to share this month!

3) Focus on work. I will be the first to admit that I am not the most ambitious when it comes to work. But there are some things on my assessment that I need to accomplish before this July, and this month, I am going to tackle them. I've already taken the training in project management, but this month, I hope to sign-up and take the exam. I am also going to try to attend a couple of Community of Practice meetings. If I do all this, this goal alone will keep me plenty busy.

4) Do taxes! Hubs and I are the ultimate procrastinators. As I am writing this, we haven't yet complete our tax returns. This is an easy goal since we must do it before 4/15 go to jail?

April is shaping up to be a busy month. Hubs has classes not only on Saturdays, but Tuesday nights as well. I will have plenty of me time to focus on these goals.

Your turn. What is your biggest goal this month?


  1. If you figure out how to use your camera let me know..ha! I have the Canon Rebel, DSLR, still don't know what I am doing:)

    Great goals for the month! You are so good about keeping on top of things.

  2. My biggest goal will be posting about my Japan trip. It is taking me about 8 hours per day that we were there to go through all the photos! And so far I've only done the first day and a half! Wish me luck. :)

  3. Good list. I like that you're reading up on a country. I should do that.

    As for my goals? I'm working on them. And trying to figure out what it is exactly that I want to work on. :)

    All the best on your list!!

  4. Maria,

    I will! Once I figure it all out, I may post some basic stuff on the blog. To help others and also to help ME remember!


    I know what you mean! Recaps take a loooong time. I wish you luck! Your first post on your Japan trip is pretty amazing.


    Maybe you don't need any goals because you are on top of everything already!

  5. Best wishes on your goals!

    I love the pooch-trait. :)

    They are really cute lil' beasts.


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