Pargo, The Gatekeeper

My dogs are funny. They are not really outdoor dogs, but yet, they love the idea of going out. Every time when they see us about to head out (they know the signs - getting dressed, fixing hair), they get all jazzed up. They start barking, as if they are saying, "c'mon, lets go!"

Sometimes we take them, and sometimes we don't. When we don't, and to keep the madness to a minimum, we have a gate blocking them from reaching the foyer. The last thing we want is two little dogs yapping and begging us to take them as we put on shoes.

Anyway, this weekend, hubs was coming home from school to pick me up for our date-versary dinner at the Corner Bakery. We planned for me to meet him outside so the dogs don't get excited seeing him come home, but then us leaving immediately.

I put up the fence and, as usual, the dogs were right behind it hoping that I would change my mind and take them. "No guys, stay."

What happened next amazed me no end.

As I slipped on my shoes, I saw Pargo single-handedly (um...paw-edly?) pulled the fence open in one fell swoop!

You have to understand that this is a metal fence, and Pargo is a 3.5lb little dog. The way he stuck his paw between the bars and pulled the fence open was just too funny. I had a good laugh.

To amuse myself some more, I put the fence back together and watched him do it again. And again and again. :)

Finally, I put my rain boot in front of the fence for double protection and this time, Pargo had no luck. I finished putting shoes on and left...but not before taking a few pictures!

I just love Pesto's expressions! Here he's looking at Pargo, giving him encouragement.

And here, he's just smiling like a cute puppy dog.

Ah, my boys. I love them.


  1. Wow! Thats one bright and shiney boot! Such cute lil' doggies... I bet you really don't want to leave them behind very often. :)

    I love those doggy expressions! Pargo looks like that Wookie in Star Wars... maybe he has secret wookie strength.

  2. Pesto is very photogenic!

  3. omgosh he is soooo adorable.

  4. go-go is da best!

  5. That settles it, I used to think insects would rule the world when mankind finally managed to wipe ourselves off the face of the planet. But now, I'm sure it will be ruled by little furry dogs that can work a gate. Then they'd evolve into wookies! Welcome to Kashyyk!


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