My New Favorite Tools: Flickr + Picnik

I am re-discovering Flickr after a long hiatus.

It's a great tool for organizing and sharing my photos.

On my right sidebar (for now), I am displaying my most recent Flickr uploads in thumbnails. I found this simple Flickr photostream widget - it is super easy to install...and nice looking, too.

My plan is to update my photostream with new photos once a week.

In playing with Flickr, I stumbled upon the wonderful Picnik, Flickr’s partner photo editing tool.

I love Picnik! You can edit images in tons of different ways, create collages, add borders, and more! It's like a little mini-Photoshop - but easier to use and a no-brainer to learn.

(I created the above collage in seconds!)

The best thing about Picnik is that it is "connected" with Flickr. That means, whatever photos I upload to Flickr, I can access them in Picnik. This is an incredible time-saver.

I am still a newbie, but I already know I will use both tools religiously from now on.


  1. hi joyce - i didn't add anything else besides the pecans. just keep the blender going and going and after a little while, all the nuts will turn into the peanut-butter-like consistency that we're used to!
    good luck - and if you try it out, please let me know!


  2. Your flicker snaps are really pretty! I use flicker too - Hmmm... I will have to give the widget a try on my blog. Thanks!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU for your comments! I am going to the White House Garden Tour this weekend and I hope to have more pictures to share!

  4. Ugh, I already reached my maximum limit for the month. No more new photos until next month. Maybe I need to go pro?


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