Last night hubs and I finally sat down and cranked out the numbers for our tax return.

Holy $#%&! We owe how much?

The digits were so gigantic that we had to do a double take. We rubbed our eyes and made sure they were still working.

Tonight we will try filing separately and see if it makes any difference.

I know there is no need to cry unfair. But.

Hubs mulls over a $100 video card. I am always sensible when it comes to money. It makes me think - dammit, why do we penny-pinch when the government is just robbing us blind?

Have you done the unavoidable tax return yet?


  1. I did mine. I work on a commission-basis so I had a horrible year last year and will get a refund.

    But our tax system is definitely a very real dis-incentive to working hard.

    It is also far too complicated and error-prone; a temptation to "go bad" and fudge. Even our top government officials in Obama's cabinet either cheated, attempted to cheat, or to be generous, made errors in theirs.

    Hope you find a way to get some relief!

  2. *shudder*
    my friends were up really late last night doing those, too.

  3. Yeah, I finally did them last week...unfortunately. It's frustrating when you pay so much in student loans and other household bills and then on top of that have to fork over more money for who knows what. Boo.

  4. We did ours and received a refund - that's the good thing (besides being able to stay home with our kids) about having a one income family.

  5. I'm freaking out and procrastinating. We bought our apartment last year so I took out a chunk of money to pay for part of my portion . . . I guess I have to hunker down and do them finally!

  6. Try hiring an "asian" CPA , we're sure he'll "find" a way to make you guys pay less. It worked for us :)

  7. Yes, and it sucked bad.

    The crappy thing is if you try filing separately, there are some tax credits you no longer qualify for according to our best friend Turbo Tax. ERGH. We were going to try to pull that so the tax hit wouldn't be so extreme, but nooooo.

  8. My hubs did our taxes online. We got married and bought a house this year so it was a good year for us. Still not a fan of the gov. robbing anyone!

  9. After comparing our W-2s with the previous years, all the numbers sort of added up. But still, an income increase of about 5% should not translate to a tax bill increase of 170%! Especially when we stayed in the same tax bracket.

    Oh well, at lease we have our health and our two little bups, life will go on...


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