Clearance Fishes

You know how in the movie Marley & Me, Marley, the dog, was referred to as the Clearance Puppy because he was the cheapest of the bunch?

Few weeks ago, hubs and I bought some Clearance Fishes. We originally wanted angel fish, but at 6 or 7 dollars a pop, we passed. Instead, we saw some orange tetras marked way down to merely 70 cents each! So we scooped up 8 of 'em.

They are doing fantabulous. Together, they really brighten up the community!


  1. Love live your Orange Tetras! You really got a deal! Perhaps an Angel Fish will go on sale someday for you.

  2. These little guys are cool. They like to school but they'll still wander off alone every now and then. Plus, they don't nibble on my plants like some of the other guys in there. Too bad we didn't rescue more from the pet store. But our lil 55g tank can only hold so much.

  3. Those look fun! And your aquarium looks like quite the happy home! I never thought fish could brighten up a home...until my wife brought home two molly fish as a surprise. And then the very next morning we woke up, looked into the tank, and saw about 50 baby killifish swimming around. Apparently their eggs had been clinging to some of the aquarium plants we'd bought. It was totally unexpected. Now, I'm really glad we've got the fish, though all we have left is a particularly hearty molly that I've named "Little Buddy." :( Enjoy your fish!

  4. How fun! Glad you paid attention to the clearance fish!


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