Buppies + Feet

We went to my in-law's this weekend and my sis-in-law took this photo. I cropped the picture in Photoshop and doctored it up with some special effects (thanks Pioneer Woman).

And thanks Emilie for capturing this great picture of my feet and my pups!


  1. I think we need to make some sort of lexicon post. Buppies = Boys + Puppies. Pargo also goes by Gor, Gogo, and Gup. Pesto is also known as Toto, Chup (Chihuahua + Pup), and Tor. Yes, we have too much time on our hands.

    It was a good nite with family and lots of good food. Plus, the Bups had a great time and received lots of attention.

  2. :)

    Such a cute picture! This is professional madison avenue advertising poster grade you know. Something you would see in a mall store perhaps...

  3. Yes, hub's mom had everyone over for dinner for Tomb Sweeping Day (清明節). There were 7 adults, 4 kids, and 2 dogs. The house was full of action! Very good night!

    Pearl + Intense Guy:

    Thanks! We think they are pretty cute too.

    2 boys:

    Don't forget Beast and Monster, which are my personal favorites!

  4. Awwwww... the puppies are so adorable cute!!!

  5. I was wondering if you knew that they called bare feet, "dogs" and sometimes "puppies" in British English?

    :) Your picture has 4 very cute puppies.


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