There is a lot of "BS" in Proj Mgmt.

Last year on my annual assessment, my manager indicated that I should consider getting some sort of professional certification in the upcoming year.

I could get certified in anything, as long as it is work-related, of course.

So from Monday thru Thursday this week, I am getting trained on project management. *falling asleep*

The good things about getting this training is that 1) I will earn enough extra hours to cover a day of vacation when I go to Spain next week, 2) I don't need to worry about packing lunches, and 3) I get to miss a pesky deliverable at work.

But, I don't get home until late, which is a pain compare to my usual 4pm quitting time. Therefore, the hubs is forced to dust off and put on his mommy hat this week. :)

Ah, at least I will satisfy one of my career development goals and, if I pass the exam, something new to put on my resume.


  1. good luck!
    a vacation day in spain sounds awesome!

  2. Oh man - sounds like a good time! :) And 4pm?!? Hello, amazing job!

  3. I've always had trouble with my Project Manager. She never bothers to take the time to understand what the various tasks entail - and her estimates for how long something will take are totally ridiculous because of it.

    Good luck with the certification exam!

  4. Too bad the guy you sat next to passed along his germs to you. But at least the class is over and you can relax with me and the boys over the weekend. =]


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